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Why Agencies Love Using Indio:

Indio simplifies the insurance application process for brokers and their clients. We make it fast, easy, and E&O free, saving your agency time and money.. The white-labeled platform comes pre-loaded with a database of 10,000 “smart” digital insurance forms and applications, full e-signature solution, and secure document sharing.

Quick and Easy Online Applications: Provide insureds a familiar, digital experience for completing their insurance applications and forms online. 

Less Work For Your Insureds: 
Indio's proprietary 'smart forms' automap the answers to duplicate questions across all forms and applications, decreasing the time and work it takes insureds to input data and complete submissions.

Reduced E&O Exposure: 
All changes made to an application by an insured are tracked and logged in a historical record, reducing your agency's liability.

Implement E-Signatures: 
Allow your clients to sign their applications natively within the Indio platform, alleviating, time and money.

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